Why is a pizza a good choice for your corporate event or celebration?

Arranging catering for events is notoriously challenging, especially if you’ve not done it before. How do you know your caterer will be reliable and provide tasty food that everyone likes? When you’re trying to please 50, 80, or 150 people, some of whom will have dietary requirements, it can be stressful. It’s no surprise that many event planners say that organising the food was one of the tougher areas, even if they enjoy the perks of the food tastings!

Getting it right for as many of your guests as possible while staying within budget but giving a high quality experience can be a balance between beige and risky.

Unless you’re a pizza that is.

We think pizza is a great choice for your evening wedding food or corporate event main course because of its hugely wide reaching appeal.

Here’s why stone-baked pizza rocks the show!

Why is a pizza a good choice for your corporate event or celebration?.png


Speed – it’s the base of a great event.  

The words ‘fast food’ have some rather negative connotations. When you think fast food you probably think of poor quality burgers, overly salty chips, and badly reared watery chicken.

What you don’t often think of is high quality produce that happens to be cooked in front of you to order but in a short time.

Our Stone-baked Pizza is cooked at 400 degrees, which allows us to supply a pizza in under two minutes! That’s fast, but it’s fantastic quality.   

Pizza is incredible quality fast food when done well.



Familiarity – pizza’s got fame on its side 

Who doesn’t know and love pizza? It’s often the burger or the hot dog that gets the fame game at events or even a pig roast because the concept is well-known and your guests will be familiar and happy with the choice.

The difference is, pizza adds more class and looks and tastes (in our opinion) like more effort went into it. Who wouldn’t want fresh, quality ingredients?

Not only that, but pizza is more at home with a glass of wine than burger, chips or pork rolls!

Classy; but familiar.



Theatre – fire and earth adds to your event 

Successful events are all about the way your guests feel about them, the memories, and the stories they’ll tell.  

When we get feedback about an event guests remark about the great food, speed, and the theatre of fire and natural products cooking their evening or corporate lunch meal.  

There’s no gas, no deep fat fryers, and no unsightly canisters – just wood, a clay oven and fire at 400 degrees.

The theatre of a pizza being ordered, loaded into the oven, cooked in under two minutes and laid onto a plate from our ‘pizza peel’ is something hard to replicate from other event food.



Smells good – even to those who don’t always choose it

The smell of pizza fills the air as your guests arrive or mill about and you know that even if they don’t usually go for pizza, that smell will entice them in to try it or simply add to the ambience of the event.

Pizza cooking on a wood burning oven creates a great event smell and much like the classic fried onion smell of the fair, it all adds to the memory of your event (but in a rather more healthy and delicious way).



Ease of set-up – we won’t ask you to move your main stage!

A big reason to choose pizza at your event is the simple set-up. We can (within reason) rock up at your event during or after the main meal (such as a wedding) and set up discretely in the background.

The self-sufficient set-up means we don’t need to hassle you or the event organisers when we arrive. Pizza bases are freshly prepared ahead of time, ingredients are primed, and your guests will be fed once the fire is warmed and ready for cooking.

Stone-baked pizzas add speed, familiarity, taste and smell for little interruption, but with some beautiful added theatre!

Add some class, fire, and memorable taste to your event. We think pizza is unbeatable for this.

What do you think?