When choosing food for an event you’re spoilt for choice. There are a plethora of choices and styles and niches within niches. Choosing the right food for an event can feel like a mammoth task.

But there’s another factor.

A recent report in the US stated that millennials go out to eat more often than members of Generation X or baby boomers, and they spend more time reading food labels too. It seems we’re moving into a time where we enjoy more food out with friends and we live in a world where we want to know more about what’s in our food as well as how good it tastes.  

So how do you decide?

Well, we’re kinda biased but we feel that woodfired pizza is a great choice and ticks the many boxes that you need to think about when choosing food for your event.

So why is woodfired pizza the right choice?


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Natural way to cook

Cooking at an event can be tricky, and with modern concerns of being environmentally friendly and safe to the world, a woodfired pizza could well be the answer.  

We use only sustainable logs and cook the way nature intended. A woodfired pizza uses one of the first known ways to cook and it uses one of nature’s most valuable discoveries – fire. We don’t think you’ll find a more natural way to cook, or one that gives you the best flavour and service without using harmful fuel or cooking methods.

Fire is fascinating and adds an exciting angle to your event

Have you ever just sat and watched fire? We bet you have. There’s something magical about it, isn’t there? Imagine discovering fire and working out how to harness it and then that you could warm and feed yourself with it. What a time that must have been!

Mankind’s passion for fire lives on. To watch a fire as the flames flicker never seems to get old and we know we’ve spent hours just watching the flames take hold and warm the oven.

Fire add theatre to your event. It’s a real bonus with the catering that we can provide.

Unique taste 

Cooking pizza in a woodfired oven is a magical process, and you’ve probably seen the rise in the number of woodfired pizza ovens in restaurants and cool city bars over the years. The taste is really made so special by the way the pizza is cooked and the dough carries the natural, smokey flavours to the plate.

The way the pizza is tinged with the fire creates a unique look and smell that other pizzas, and other event catering can’t compete with. Who’d want a greasy gristly burger when you can have a tasty hot fresh pizza?!

Not just a summer food

Pizza isn’t a seasonal food either. You don’t need to wait for good weather for our pizza oven to wow your event. Pizza is enjoyed equally during long summer nights and chilly winter receptions. We’ve even catered with pizza during Christmas holidays, street food festivals in spring, and private corporate events in autumn.

Pizza is so versatile and the woodfired style of cooking is ready to go whenever you are.

Fast but quality

At events timing is essential. Hungry guests are never happy guests! Getting the food out on time, in good time can be a challenge for some caterers. But a wood fired pizza is ready in just 60-90 seconds and tastes incredible. Unlike a lot of traditional fast food our pizza is cooked fresh and prepared in front of you. It’s the method of cooking that’s so fast that gives you the true fast food experience without the lacking quality so often seen.

Fast, quality, and added flavour to boot – woodfired pizza really does have a lot going for it.


Great choices, ordered in front of you

Another benefit of woodfired pizza is that we can build your creation in front of you. We can bring a menu board and let you and your guests decide and create the pizza right there and then.

Choice is so important and in this day and age we’re all used to having what we want, when we want it. We provide you and your guests with an array of toppings to choose from which are added to a hand-stretched base, loaded into our oven, and cooked to order.

We like to think that’s a pretty special way to order food. Don’t you?


Woodfired pizza – set your event on fire!

With a strong history in catering and serving food we know we’re not just hopping on the pizza wagon here. Woodfired pizza is a great choice for your event and when you add in the cool vehicles and ability to cook your pizza (almost) anywhere, you’ve got yourself a great option for your event catering