To create a successful event you need some key ingredients (pun intended). From the venue to the entertainment, guests, and of course the food. At a wedding you’ll probably need to feed your guests at lunch time and during the evening. At other events maybe you’ll only need to provide one meal. But one thing’s for certain – in the UK, we’re pretty critical when it comes to dining.

One quick scroll of Trip Advisor will tell you that.

So why pizza? And why us? If you’re reading this then you’ve either found us online or we’ve sent you this information to explain how we can help to make your event a huge success.  

Actually, here are seven reasons…

Seven Reasons Wandering Pizza is the Perfect Choice for Your Event


Theatre, darling! 

The rise in popularity of open plan kitchens and even pizza ovens right inside a venue show that people love watching their food being prepared. There’s just something theatrical and fascinating about seeing the creation and cooking of a fresh meal right in front of your eyes. Pizza is a great product to watch in creation. Unlike other foods it’s fast, fiery, and it all comes together perfectly at the end.

From the hand-picked ingredients to the freshly-prepared sough dour that is then hand-stretched in front of you, pizza made this way is a marvel to watch. What’s more, those of your guests who may have concerns about hygiene can see the clean surfaces and appropriate utensil storage.

Once the base is ready, we’ll add your chosen topping and then cook it with fire! As well as being super-quick it’s fascinating to watch. Fire has long been a human obsession and is mesmerising to watch.


Meating expectations

Dietary requirements can be challenging. We should know; we used to run a restaurant. When you organise an event it seems everyone wants something different to suit them.

We can help you with that.

Do you have vegan guests? Vegetarian guests? Meat lovers? We can cater for them all in one place. With the unique way your pizza is created, your guests will get delicious piping hot food, freshly created and cooked in line with their diet and choices. We create pizzas for them, not for us or for you! (Although if you’ll be at the event you won’t want to miss having a bite!)


Fastest Food First

And the best bit? We’re quick! Our pizzas are cooked using fire in an incredible 60/90 seconds and served off our pizza peel right onto their plate.  

We can deal with a big queue too! Depending on the oven we bring, which depends on your guest numbers, we can fit up to eight pizzas in at a time. We can serve a lot of people with fresh and delicious food really efficiently while keeping the quality very high. Better than a burger van, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Need Dessert? Sweet – we can do that!

Want a sweet treat? We can do that too. We create mini Belgian chocolate calzones for your guests with the same set up used to create the pizzas. Many of your other food options for catering will involve getting another caterer involved but we’ll be able to serve both dinner and dessert from one place.


Sweet ride, dude!

We also have some awesome vehicles to help add to the whole experience and to your event too. Our cool vans include a rare vintage split screen campervan and a three wheeler, and we’re ready to go anywhere on your site with our portable gazebo.

The creation of the pizza needs a great stage and we bring that with our cool and well-kept vans that your guests will love and remember for years to come.


Hold on to your chef’s hat! (We check them first!)  

We have some mighty high standards at The Wandering Pizza. Our team have to make at least 100 pizzas before they can serve one for you, and at least 1000 before they can call themselves a chef!  

We feel skipping the steps in life isn’t a great idea and it rarely brings quality. We’re so focused on quality and we strive for perfection with every pizza made by each member of the team.


Behind every good chef is a good woman

We’ll also turn up! We guarantee it. We often hear about no shows and late turn ups from companies who seem great from the outside. At the initial research stage they look good but then fall apart on the day like a poorly baked pizza. We don’t do that. Laura doesn’t let us. Laura is the highly organised wife of Sam, Wandering Pizza’s founder. Laura has the task of keeping all the wheels on the road, the ingredients on order, and the vans turning up on the right day, in the right place, and always on time.

Running events is stressful enough without people not turning up.

Nothing gets missed as Laura is a super organiser and we all do as we’re told (mostly!).

Pizza, fire, cool vans and reliability make Wandering Pizza the choice we’d recommend!

We love events and we love creating food for people at them. Pizza is so versatile and theatrical and the fire is mesmerising to watch. We’ll add to your event not take away from it, and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help to make your event a roaring success.